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Machinery Moving Services

The Bellflower Machinery Movers have the knowledge and the skills to take control of any kind of industrial move required by a client. With the use of only the best heavy-duty moving equipment on the market we can move and relocate entire fleets of machinery or single pieces of equipment in an efficient manner.

Each of our movers is devoted to ensuring that your relocation, whether it is of one piece of machinery or dozens, is done properly and efficiently. We can disassemble, transport and reassemble all of your heavy-duty machinery rapidly and at some of Southern California’s best rates. With our experienced riggers, heavy-duty machinery and the reliable dedication to customers, we can get your job done with correctly and with ease.

Laboratory Equipment Moving

Our company has been entrusted with some of the most sensitive medical and laboratory moves for over 20 years. Bellflower Machinery Movers are dedicated to treating all transports with care, as though they were our own equipment.

Long Haul Transportation

Our staff can help you package and move all of your heavy-duty or sensitive industrial machinery both locally and internationally, both quickly and simply. The Bellflower

Our Antelope Valley movers are prepared to offer clients with project planning of even the closest moves, whether you are going from one side of the valley to another or across international borders.

The professionals of Antelope Valley Machinery Movers are pleased to assist clients with all of their long haul machinery needs, whether it is a single industrial machine or a turn-key fleet. Our staff members concentrate on helping create a move that is timely, whether you are relocating across the city or are crossing international borders we can help!

Machine Assembly/Disassembly

The Bellflower Machinery moving professionals can help to disassemble for relocation, transport to a new location and even reassemble at your new location, all in a timely manner.

All machinery is disassembled with care, so that the relocation of your equipment can be assembled and erect your new machinery in another location. With Bellflower movers all equipment, even the most sensitive, is treated as though it were our own so that your move is easy and you are left with peace of mind. We can even provide inspection assistance to confirm that your equipment is functioning as it should be so that you can get back to business as soon as possible.

Custom Crating and Packaging

Bellflower Machinery Movers are devoted to ensuring that each of our clients have an opportunity to obtain custom packaging and crating for all their equipment and machinery so that it is protected in transit at all times.

At Bellflower Machinery Movers we also specialize in custom crating and packaging for each and every one of our clients. We specialize in providing packing solutions for moisture and shock resistance while your machinery is being relocated, regardless of how sensitive the equipment is. We are dedicated to the protection and safe transit of all equipment, and packaging is just one way to secure that.

Turn-Key Facility Relocation

The Bellflower Valley Machinery Movers have extensive experience in developing and forming a managed and controlled moving process of all your industrial equipment, both heavy-duty and sensitive.

We have extensive experience in uniquely creating safe ways to transport industrial and commercial equipment so that downtime is reduced and all items remain intact. Removing and relocating facilities of all sizes, including turn-key facilities, is simple for our specialists.  Relocations are done quickly and efficiently so that your new facility can be returned to an operable state again.

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